Kinfolk Magazine

Client: AWSO

Editorial design


Redefining elegance and style in a minimalist and modern way.

The editorial redesign of Kinfolk Magazine is a long-term project together with AWSO. Alongside the rebranding of the publication, AWSO wanted to redistribute and refocus the editorial content and align it more with their long-term vision.

Focus on values and strategy

Use this space to give the visitors a brief introduction to your project. Tell your visitors a bit about your involvement in the project, and don't forget to highlight your successes and key breakthroughs.

You want to make sure that you’re not too general in your body copy. Remeber, the better you tailor your content to your audience, the better engagement you will get.

Minimalism as a publication goal

You can get personal with the reader, too, by explaining the motivation behind your project – and paint a picture of where you hope to take it in the future. This way, potential customers get to know you a little bit, making it easier for you to convince them to contact you.